Fast & Easy Way
To Track Money

Credit money earned. Withdraw expenditures. Keep track of it all.


My Wallet helps you to keep track of credits and debits into a virtual ledger. Use My Wallet to keep track of your and your kid's money. Track allowances, chores, gifts and cash withdrawals.

Track alllowances

Have your kids add their allowance money or add it yourself.

Pay for chores

Keep track of money owed to your kids. It's a fun way to keep them going.

Track withdrawals

When your kids want to cash out, you can withdraw money from their walllet.

Approve or decline
each transaction

An administrator or parent can approve or decline transactions. Whenever a new transaction is entered the administrator will have to approve the transaction. A notification will be sent once a transaction has been approved or declined.

Create managed

As an administrator you can add sub-accounts for your kids or people you want to manage.

Add or

Each user, including an administrator, can add or withdraw money from the virtual ledger.